Ease (1993)

Music dramatic work: Theatre opera. 12'.

3S, fl(picc), cl(b-cl), va, perc.

Libretto: Edward Kemp.

Commissioned by ENO Contemporary Opera Studio.

First performed by ENO Contemporary Opera Studio, Donmare Warehouse, 1993.

Mary's Precious Boy (1998)

For pre-school/early children.

Song with actions (voice and pf)

Published by Golden Apple/Chester

Monster: An Opera in 2 Acts (2002)

Music dramatic work: Theatre opera. 120'.

2S, 2M-S, 1A, 5T, 3Bar, 1B, SA, 2(1)2(1)2(1)2(1)-4231, Tp, 3Perc, Fp, Str.

Libretto: Janice Galloway.

Commissioned by Scottish Opera & the Brighton Festival.

First performed by Scottish Opera / Diego Masson, Theatre Royal, Glasgow 2002.

Shenachie (2006)

Music dramatic work: Theatre. 165'. 

Voices, Fl, Vn, Vc, Db, Keyb, Drums. 2 dancers (opt.). 

Libretto: Donald Goodbrand Saunders. 

First performed by Forest Theatre Company, Gartmore 2006. 

Winter Journey - A Northern Nativity (1996)

Children´s Choir, Pf (Perc). 40'.

Written for Gartmore Primary School.

First performed by pupils of Gartmore Primary School, 1996.

Published by Golden Apple/Chester

Sins, The (2011)

Music dramatic work. Semi-theatrical 

The Sins is written for actor and ensemble, 

taking as its starting point a new translation of the 

‘seven deadly sins’ section from Langland's 14th century 

Piers the Plowman.


Flt,Clt,Vc,Db Perc.+Narrator