Viola Concerto No. 1 (1995/1998)

Concerto orchestral. 20'.

Viola solo, 2(1)22(1)2-2200-Tp, Perc, Str.

Commissioned by Philip Dukes.

First performed by Philip Dukes (vla) / London Mozart Players / Matthias Bamert, Royal Albert Hall, London 1995.

Available on BIS CD 971

Viola Concerto No. 2: "The Seafarer" (2001)

Concerto orchestral. 30'.

Viola solo, 2(1)22(1)2(1)-2200-Tp, Perc, Str.

Commissioned by Swedish and Scottish Chamber Orchestras.

First performed by Tabea Zimmermann (vla) / Scottish Chamber Orchestra / Joseph Swensen, City Hall, Glasgow 2002. 

Available on BIS CD 1241

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Viola Concerto No. 3: "Under the Wing of the Rock" (2006)

String Orchestral: Viola solo, Str 

Commissioned by Scottish Ensemble. 

First performed by Lawrence Power (Viola) / Scottish Ensemble / Jonathan Morton at Marryat Hall, Dundee 2006.