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Slow Movement

for Saxophone Quartet and Baroque Strings

Composition Date: 2005

Duration: 10'

Orchestration: Sax.quartet(ssx.asx.tsx.barsx)/2 lutes/hpd/baroque strings



Commissioned by Lautten Compagnie and intended to be played as the slow movement of Brandenburg 3, when the Chamber Concerto is also performed.

Programme Note:

Slow Movement

This was commissioned by the Lautten Compagney, Berlin, to serve as the 'missing' slow movement for Bach's third Brandenburg Concerto.

It is intended to be performed alongside my Chamber Concerto for saxophone quartet and string orchestra, as part of performance of Brandenburg Three. Both works may be performed on period instruments, but at A=440.

The scoring is for 3 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos and bass, with lute, theorbo and harpsichord.

It was first performed in Dornbirn, Austria in 2010, by the Rascher Saxophone Quartet, with Lautten Compagney directed by Wolfgang Katschner.

Sally Beamish


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