The Wise Maid

For solo cello

Composition Date: 1998

Duration: 3'


Commissioned by Gerry Mattock in 1998 and first performed by Robert Irvine in 2000.

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Available Recordings:

Bridging the Day (2001)

Sally Beamish (piano)

Robert Irvine (cello)


- Gala Water (1994) for cello solo

- Bridging the Day (1998) for cello and piano

- Entre Chien et Loup (1979) for piano solo

- Lullaby for Owain (1985) for piano solo

- Kyle Song (1993) for piano solo

- Iasg (1993) for cello and piano

- The Wise Maid (2000) for cello solo

- Sonata for Cello and Piano (1999-2000)

BIS 2001

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