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Ach Lieben Christen

Prelude for Organ

Composition Date: 2016

Duration: 3'



Commissioned by David Clasen for the Orgelbüchlein Project

First performed by William Whitehead at Lammermuir Festival, 10 September 2016

Programme Note:

Ach Lieben Christen

Prelude for Organ

As part of the Orgelbüchlein project, I was given the melody Ach Lieben Christen seid Getrost.

I have stated the melody very simply, using a different manual or stop for each phrase, and finishing with the pedals. To this I have added short decorative phrases as a counterpoint. These are mostly based on 4th and 5ths, and are heard as delicate birdlike interjections, which become more like fanfares towards the end.

Sally Beamish 2016


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