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Night Dances

For solo piano

Composition Date: 2018

Duration: 12'



Commissioned by the Court of the University of Glasgow under the terms of the McEwen Bequest.

First performed by Huw Watkins, 8 March 2018 in the ‘Music in the University’ lunchtime series at the University of Glasgow.

EP 73177

Programme Note:

Night Dances

for Huw Watkins

There are many reasons why a night might be sleepless. The fall of darkness can be the prelude to a night of dancing. A calm beginning to the night can be disrupted by an active mind that refuses to rest. Or the tender exploration of a lover's body may lead to feverish passion.

The piece is based on a narrative by Peter Thomson, and inspired by the playing of Keith Jarrett. A gentle, repetitive opening is followed by a series of dances which increase in intensity before reaching an abrupt climax, after which echoes of the dances gradually wind down to a recapitulation of the opening music.

Sally Beamish 2018


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