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Can you hear me?

For choir

Composition date: 2021



Can you hear me? was commissioned by the Royal Albert Hall, and first performed by the National Youth Choirs on December 18th 2021, conducted by Esther Jones.

Programme note:

Can you hear me?

Text: Peter Thomson

Music: Sally Beamish

for choir


The text reflects the need we all have to connect with each other, and to feel we are heard, seen and valued. It was written during a time of lockdown and separation, when so many felt lonely and disconnected.

The last verse is about our longing for change, and for a new beginning; ideas that are especially resonant at Christmas.

Against a background of humming, the singers call to each other with simple repeated phrases, as if from a distance; the voices finally coming together as the piece draws to a close.

Sally Beamish and Peter Thomson 2021

Can you hear me?

Can you? Can you?

Can you call me?

Can you call?

Call on me. Call.

Please call on me. Please call.

Can you see me?

Can you? Can you?

Will you see me?

Please see me.

Please hear me

Please call me

Please call on me.

Can you hold me?

Can you can you?

Will you hold me?

Will you hug me?

Will you hold hug hear call see me?

Can you? Will you? Please.

Can we start again?

Can we can we?

Can this be a new beginning?

Please let this be a new beginning.

Now, now, let this be a new beginning.

Peter Thomson 2021

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