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A Book of Seasons

Violin Concerto

Composition Date: 1995

Duration: 17 Mins

Orchestration: solo vn/ perc/pf/



Commissioned by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

First performed by Lyn Fletcher (vln) and the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, 1996.

Programme Note:

Scored for solo violin and four 'ripieno' groups of wind, brass, piano/percussion and Strings, A Book of Seasons is divided into eight short sections depicting the four seasons and the four elements. The piece is dedicated to my daughter Stephanie Rose, who was born in October 1995. It is intended as an introduction to the world - a brightly coloured picture book - each section a single image simply portrayed.

1 Winter - A Snowscape

2 Water - Ice melting

3 Spring - Birdsong

4 Air - Birds in flight, breezes

5 Summer - Warm heather, insects

6 Earth - Insects and ferment

7 Autumn - Glowing colours

8 Fire - Bonfires, fireworks

A Book of Seasons was commissioned as part of the BCMG's innovative 'Sound Investments' scheme, and was first performed in 1996, by Lynne Fletcher with the BCMG conducted by Stefan Asbury.

Sally Beamish


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