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for two harps

Composition Date: 2017

Orchestration: 2 harps



Programme Note:


from The Tempest

for 2 harps

Pavan is one of a collection of pieces which draw on material written for David Bintley's ballet of Shakespeare's The Tempest.

It appears in the ballet as a solo for the Goddess Iris. She represents air and sky, birdsong, zephyrs and gentle rain.

This version of Pavan was written for harpist Catriona McKay and her pupil, my daughter Stephanie Irvine, to celebrate their birthdays in 2016.

It was first performed by Catriona McKay and Ruth Potter at the Trondheim Festival in September 2017.

Sally Beamish 2016

This piece may be performed on pedal or lever harps, or one of each.


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Available Recordings:

Watch a video of Catriona McKay and Ruth Potter playing Pavan for Two Harps at Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, 2017, via Classic FM...

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