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Gaudent in Coelis

For SATB Choir

Composition Date: 2012

Duration: 3'



Commissioned by the Cathedral Organists Association. First performance given by the choir of St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral Edinburgh, on 8 May 2012, conducted by Duncan Ferguson.

Programme Note:

Gaudent in Coelis

Sally Beamish 2012

Gaudent in coelis animae Sanctorum,

qui Christi vestigia sunt secuti;

et quia pro ejus amore sanguinem suum fuderunt,

ideo cum Christo exsultant sine fine.

In heaven rejoice the souls of the saints, 
who have followed the steps of Christ; 
and, because for his love they shed their blood, 
therefore with Christ they exult forever.

This short anthem was commissioned by the Cathedral Organists Association, and first performed at their conference in Edinburgh on 8 May 2012, by the Choir of St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, directed by Duncan Ferguson.

Sally Beamish


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Available Recordings:

Gaudent in coelis: Choral Music by Sally Beamish, Judith Bingham & Joanna Marsh

The Choirs of St Catharine's College, Cambridge

Edward Wickham conductor

Featuring Gaudent in Coelis & St Catharine's Service by Sally Beamish

Containing a number of world premiere recordings this album by the innovative College and Girls' Choirs of St Catharine's showcases the great and diverse wealth of recent new choral works, including works specially commissioned for the Choirs of St Catharine's by Beamish (St Catharine's Service) and Marsh (Missa Brevis: Collegium Sanctae Catharinae). Also included are a selection of Judith Bingham's choral re-imaginings - thought-provoking meditations that each segue into the famous choral work on which they are based.

Resonus 2017

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