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For soprano and viola

Composition Date: 1993

Duration: 5'

Text: Emily Dickinson



Commissioned by the Plymouth Arts Centre. First performed by Mary Wiegold (s) and Jane Atkins (vla) of Composers Ensemble, 1993

EP 72864


Programme note:

This piece was written as part of the Emily Dickinson Project, and first performed by Mary Weigold with the Composers’ Ensemble on May 22nd 1993 at Plymouth Arts Centre.

It’s dedicated to my son Laurie, then aged 4, who was passionate about bees.

Both the voice and the viola extend vowels and consonants in the poem to create bee sounds.

His Feet are shod with Gauze –

His Helmet, is of Gold,

His Breast, a Single Onyx

With Chrysophrase, inlaid.

His Labor is a Chant –

His Idleness – a Tune –

Oh, for a Bee’s experience

Of Clovers, and of Noon!

Emily Dickinson


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