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For Cello and Piano

Composition Date: 1993

Duration: 3'



First performed by Robert Irvine (vc) and Graeme McNaught (pf), in the Stevenson Hall, Glasgow, 1 January 1993.


for cello and piano


Iasg, which translates from Gaelic as 'fish', was written for Robert Irvine, a fine fisherman and cellist, and Graeme McNaught, a fluid and fluent pianist. It describes the journey of a salmon from its hatching in a mountain stream to its

spawning and death after the last traumatic series of leaps upstream to its birthplace.The central section depicts the long period of peaceful feeding in the open sea.

Iasg was commissioned by Bill Connor, and first performed by Robert and Graeme at Stevenson Hall, RSAMD on 13 June 1993.


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Available Recordings:

Bridging the Day (2001)

Sally Beamish (piano)

Robert Irvine (cello)


- Gala Water (1994) for cello solo

- Bridging the Day (1998) for cello and piano

- Entre Chien et Loup (1979) for piano solo

- Lullaby for Owain (1985) for piano solo

- Kyle Song (1993) for piano solo

- Iasg (1993) for cello and piano

- The Wise Maid (2000) for cello solo

- Sonata for Cello and Piano (1999-2000)

BIS 2001

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